(OPE-L) Robinson and Marx

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Wed Nov 24 2004 - 12:48:05 EST

>>> In fact, I agree with very much of what is written here - except for
some adjective which add nothing to content: insidious, for example.
But the substance is right.  <<<


What are you saying?  You seem to be agreeing  with him that
her critique of marginal productivity theory "certainly does not compensate
for her [...] attempt to vanquish [...] Marx by making him appear as a
proto Keynesian."  This is an unbelievably narrow assessment of
the contribution of Robinson to economic theory -- especially the
_critique_ of economic theory.   Just think of all of the other
that she made to theory!  That she should have taken a critical standpoint
towards Marx -- something that we should _all_ do, Marxists
_especially_ --  is not cause for asserting that on balance she made
a negative contribution to thought.

In solidarity, Jerry

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