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Subject: "The Laws of Commodity Production for Dummies" online at:
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Hi Jerry and Allin,

I learned about the OPE-L list today when reading Louis Proyect's
history of his marxmail list.  I thought that some of your
subscribers might be interested in a recent work of mine aimed a
popularizing some of the conclusions that Karl Marx developed in
Capital.  Could you kindly forward this to the OPE-L list?

In March of this year I posted my third and final installment of
the anarcho-leninist debate on the state. This debate was
designed to be a calm, serious and scientific discussion of the
nature of society following the overthrow of bourgeois rule.
My final installment is titled "The World for which We Fight" and
it includes a section (which now has its own web page) titled
"The Laws of Commodity Production for Dummies".

I do not claim to be some kind of expert on the laws of commodity
production. However I came to the conclusion that a short,
readable and relatively easy-to-understand discussion of these
laws was necessary based on my experience in the debate and my
experience discussing with anarchist-minded activists the need
for a state machine during the period following the overthrow of
bourgeois rule. Such a state machine, transparent and controlled
by the working class, would make possible the gradual transition
from an economy based on commodity production (and the
circulation of capital) to a gift economy.

The Laws of Commodity Production for Dummies can be found at:

In addition, another essay of mine discusses humanity's future
gift economy in a popular way, drawing examples from an annual
arts festival in the Nevada desert known to the world as "Burning
Man".  That essay can be found at:

Ben Seattle
----//-// November 20, 2004
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