(OPE-L) Re: Luxemburg's Intro to P.E. in English

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Thu Nov 18 2004 - 08:47:56 EST

Riccardo wrote:

> >- her attitude: Marx as an author to be criticized and developed with
> >an open spirit

Rakesh replied:

> This is simply an abuse of RL's own spirit; she fought her whole life
> against those revisionists who criticized and developed Marx in what
> you are calling an open spirit. She would have wanted above all else
> to be saved from friends whom you claim are developing Marx in an
> open spirit.

Luxemburg's critique did not condemn 'revisionists'  per se
for attempting to revise Marx's theories but rather for being
*reformists*.    The issue was *reform vs. revolution* not whether
there were elements of Marx's theory which needed to be criticised
and/or developed.

> >- her questions: she saw problems on monetary aspects and effective
> >demand to which others were blinded
> The problem today is the reduction of the  Marxian critique to
> problems of monetary aspects and effective demand, that is making
> Marx fit within
> a Keynesian or Kaleckian framework.

Is it?  I thought the problem today was reform, in the form of
support for bourgeois political parties or social democracy,
vs. revolution.

> >  and not to see in the transformation problem
> >something fundamental for Marxism>
> Which is to say that she never found any need to go beyond
> Hilferding's reply to Bohm Bawerk, and did not understand the nature
> of von Bortkiewicz's criticism?

No, it means she had a keen political judgment and concentrated
on the most important political and theoretical tasks of her day.
Aren't we glad that she published "Reform or Revolution?" rather
than a paper on the TP?

> Oh I don't think she would have been very happy at all about the way
> in which she was used by the post Keynesian left!
> I can't imagine she would have been happy about her appropriation by
> the left technocrat Kalecki and statist socialist Robinson.

I think she would have had harsher criticisms for all those Marxians for
whom Marxism is merely an intellectual pursuit and an academic career.

In solidarity, Jerry

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