Re: (OPE-L) Freeman, "Why not Eat Children?"

From: dashyaf@EASYNET.CO.UK
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 12:01:31 EDT

It wasn't thought provoking at all but sowed illusions about the character
of imperialism. Chavez and the majority of the Venezuelan people are
involved in a life and death class struggle against imperialism.
Capitalism/Imperialism cannot act in any other way if it is to survive.
Chavez has to take the struggle in a revolutionary direction if his
programme is to succeed. Pleading to some kind of humanistic rationality,
which the article attempts to do, adds nothing to our understanding of the
class struggle taking place in Venezuela or imperialist attempts to destroy
the gains made so far by Chavez's Bolivarian revolution. It might appeal to
The Guardian readership but it does not offer any real solidarity to the
Venezuelan people.

David Yaffe

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>A thought-provoking column in the Guardian of London this week
>held up Venezuela as a model of economic and social reform.  In the
>Swiftian-titled "Why not Eat Children?," Alan Freeman contrasts the
>experiences of the Bolivarian Revolution with the welfare reforms
>of Germany under Gerhard Schroder.
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