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From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Mon Sep 27 2004 - 12:26:09 EDT

An announcement for a new journal by and for (non-radical;
non-heterodox) economists.  Some listmembers may recall from
other lists the flap caused by the co-editor, Brad DeLong,
following the death of Paul Sweezy.  His controversial article is at
(some measure of the ensuing furor can be seen if you do an
advanced 'google' search using the words 'delong' and 'sweezy').

In solidarity, Jerry

>> From: "Joseph Stiglitz, Aaron Edlin & Bradford Delong"
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>> Date: September 20, 2004 8:45:41 PM EDT
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>> Subject: Announcing The Economists' Voice
>> Reply-To: "Joseph Stiglitz, Aaron Edlin & Bradford Delong"
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>> The Berkeley Electronic Press and editors Joseph Stiglitz, J.
Bradford Delong, and Aaron Edlin are pleased to announce The
>> Economists' Voice, found exclusively at http://www.bepress.com/ev
>> The Economists' Voice is a nonpartisan forum for economists to
present innovative policy ideas and engaging commentary on the
>> of the day. Readers include professional economists, lawyers,
>> analysts, policymakers, and students. Articles are short, 600-
>> words, and intended to contain deeper analysis than is found on
>> Op-Ed page of the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, but to be
>> comparable general interest. Regular columnists with voices from
across the political spectrum write several Columns each year.
>> Features section welcomes submissions from any professional
>> and is peer-reviewed. Letters to the Editor are encouraged and
>> comment on any Feature or Column.
>> Regular Columnists:
>> - Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate, Columbia University
>> - Steven Salop, Georgetown Law Center
>> - Richard A. Posner, Judge, 7th Circuit; Lecturer, U. of Chicago -
Peter Orszag, Brookings Institution
>> - Douglass C. North, Nobel Laureate, Washington University
>> - Barry Nalebuff, Yale University
>> - Paul Krugman, Princeton University
>> - R. Glenn Hubbard, Columbia University
>> - Bruno Frey, University of Zurich
>> - Aaron Edlin, UC Berkeley
>> - Michael Boskin, Stanford University & Hoover Institution
>> - J. Bradford Delong, UC Berkeley
>> - Ian Ayres, Yale University
>> - George Akerlof, Nobel Laureate, UC Berkeley
>> Why The Economists' Voice?
>> Although much of what economists write is "inside baseball" -
>> for a small audience of specialists - economists have much to
contribute to the public debate on a wide range of policy issues.
>> believe that anyone concerned about the central problems of the
>> whether they are students, policy makers, or other citizens,
>> benefit from hearing economists debate what should be done about
problems from budget balancing to global development, from
>> intellectual property to outsourcing, from health care reform to
>> to provide old age security. The Economists' Voice creates a
>> for readable ideas and analysis by leading economists on vital
>> of our day.  Please read our first issue coming out soon - see
http://www.bepress.com/ev for additional information.
>> Yours,
>> Joseph Stiglitz, J. Bradford DeLong, and Aaron Edlin

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