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On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 dlaibman@JJAY.CUNY.EDU wrote:

>  Can anyone help my politically involved colleague?

who asked:

> [I]n today's Times (Marietta Times, that is) that says "our national
> rate of unemployment is now lower than that of Clinton during his
> 1996 bid for re-election."  Could you quickly evaluate this
> statement (by a Bushite writer)

Civilian unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, from the U.S.
Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

     1996  2004

Jun  5.3   5.6
Jul  5.5   5.5
Aug  5.1   5.4
Sep  5.2   na

The difference is not great, but the Bushite statement is a lie, as

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