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Dear Colleagues,


Previously with the help of Paddy Quick I compiled a list of universities/economic departments that had graduate programs in which heterodox economics was a significant component (see the attachment).  We now would like to compile a similar list of colleges and universities in the UNITED STATES AND ELSEWHERE AROUND THE WORLD whose undergraduate programs are broad, pluralistic and provide students with opportunities to examine and engage with mainstream and alternative/heterodox perspectives.  Our purpose for compiling this list is to identify those colleges and universities where new entrants into academia as well as others who are interested in engaging with and teaching heterodox economics can do so in a friendly, supportive academic environment.  What we are looking for is something like the following in terms of describing what your department is like:


            Luxemburg Veblen College, Kansas City, Missouri  64110


The Economics Department is a pretty heterodox friendly place.  We have a political economy minor and regularly teach courses on Marxist and Institutionalist economics, have several other courses that include these as well as Post Keynesian, Feminist, Social, and Austrian perspectives.  During their junior and senior year students have the opportunity to take a trip during Spring break to visit a sister college in Nicaragua where they can see how co-operative enterprises work.  Finally, all majors in economics have a capstone course that has a community service component.  Our ethos is to provide students with the capability to engage and understand both neoclassical and the range of heterodox approaches and then let them make their own choices.  The Department brings in outside speakers three or four times a year.  This past year we had John R. Commons, Joan Robinson, and Friedrich Hayek as guest speakers.  We also have a faculty monthly seminar.  For further information about the Department go to our website:  http://www/lvc.econ.edu.


Try to keep the description under 200 words.  Please e-mail me the description of your department by October 1, 2004.  The list will first be published in the URPE Newsletter and the distributed widely via my e-mail list.


So far I have received responses from Ramapo College of New Jersey, the University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, University of Vermont, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Franklin and Marshall College, Lewis and Clark College, and Evergreen State College all in the United States.  There are more undergraduate programs with some kind of heterodox component than this out there in the United States and around the world-so please send me information about your program.




Fred Lee


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