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Gloves Off Summer 2004 Issue

In our last issue, Gloves Off presented the first installment of "Perspectives on the Global Justice Movement" <http://www.glovesoff.org/features/globaljustice_1003.html>, with views from Latin America, Europe and the US on the future, the challenges, and the contraditions facing the movement. 

Now get ready for the second installment: "In the Belly of the Beast," <http://www.glovesoff.org/features/gjamerica_intro.html> a 4-part feature by Gloves Off co-editors Sara Burke and Claudio Puty, examines the roots and emergence of the global justice movement in the United States.

Also in this issue...

Economist and Indian civil-rights activist Ramaa Vasudevan debunks the economic model at the heart of neoliberalism in "The Gospel of Free Trade." 

In "Pursuing the Meaning of Abu Ghraib" Gloves Off co-editor Joe Smith considers the question of tactics and perspective that US torture of Iraqi prisoners presents to the global justice movement.

In "The Glass Ceiling," Gloves Off reader Charles Weigl gets in the ring with Giovanni Mazzetti, Emir Sader, and Barbara Epstein -- their interviews are featured in Part I of "Perspectives on the Global Justice Movement -- to challenge their statements on the issue of relations between anarchists and Marxists and to call for a joint theoretical project focused upon their common ground in the history of Left traditions.

And in his most recent column, "Selling Neoliberal Globalization: Thomas Friedman's Excellent Adventure," Joe Smith takes free-trade cheerleader and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to task.

Thanks for your support!

Sara Burke, Paul Cooney, Claudio Puty, Joe Smith -- The Gloves Off collective

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