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On 16-18 July I attended the Association for heterodox Economics Annual Conference.  It was a very good event.  The organizers-Serap Kayatekin and Andrew Brown-did a great job.  Everybody remarked on how nice it was to be together for the sessions and meals.  And not to mention going to the local pubs in the evening.  Many of the conference sessions were really great.  The one on the classics and Mr. Keynes was really packed (which proved my dour prediction of "who would want to hear another paper on Keynes" completely wrong!!).  Some of the papers I found quite interesting were David Tyrrall's (d.tyrrall@city.ac.uk) "The Regulation of International Transfer Pricing:  a Theological Approach"-a great paper for ROSE. There were also quite interesting papers by Izabela Bludnik (bludnik@poczta.onet.pl) on "The Role of Nominal Rigidities in the Keynesian Thought", Nitasha Kaul (nitasha.kaul@uwe.ac.uk) on "Economics and Ideology", Karin Siegman (Karin@sdpi.org) on "Global Services Liberalisation:  in Service of Gender Equality?", and Vince Fitsimmons (v.fitsimmons@hud.ac.uk) on "Redefining the Social:  Re-Opening the Debate on Institutions in Economics".  Aside from hearing good papers and socializing-economizing with old friends I meet new ones:  for example I believe I met all the heterodox economists in Portugal-all two of them:  Joao Rodrigues (joaorodes@hotmail.com) and Luis Carvallo (ifc@iscte.pt).  Besides from being really nice and delightful economists, they are also quite determined about promoting heterodox economics in Portugal.  They would particularly like to hear from Brazilian heterodox economists-so drop them an e-mail.  At its business meeting the AHE elected Andrew Mearman (Andrew.mearman@uwc.ac.uk) as the new co-coordinator-so if you have any concerns and questions regarding the AHE, Andrew is the person to send your e-mails to.  In addition, the 2005 AHE Conference will be held at City University in early-mid July.  Andy Denis (a.denis@city.ac.uk) is the conference organizer and he will be sending out a call for papers some time in October I think.  Paul Downward remains the treasurer and Karl Petrick still deals with the book publishers.  The AHE has a few projects brewing.  One is the post-graduate methodology workshop for which Paul Downward has applied for ESRC funding-whether the AHE gets the funding will not be known for a few more weeks.  Secondly, the AHE along with Open University, University of the West of England, Leeds, Oxford Brooks, and others are putting together a funding bid titled "A Network for Developing Curriculum and Materials Based on Pluralist Approaches to Teaching Economics."   For more information about the bid and what is being proposed contact Roberto Simonetti (r.simonetti@open.ac.uk), Serap Kayatekin (sak.lubs@leeds.ac.uk), David Harvie (david.harvie@ntu.ac.uk), Pritam Singh (psingh@brookes.ac.uk), or Nitasha Kaul (Nitasha.kaul@uwe.ac.uk).  If you teach in the UK and want to become part of the project, contact them; if you would simply like to contribute your two cents worth, contact them.  They would like to hear from anybody who has thought about a pluralist approaches to teaching economics.  Some information on this can be found at the Heterodox Economics on the Web-address is given below.  Thirdly, there is something about a journal which is brewing-more information will emerge over the next few months.  Lastly, the AHE will look into developing a formal structure with a membership fee.  Andrew Mearman would like to hear from anyone who has views about this.

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