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Subject: More on money
From:    "Jurriaan Bendien" <andromeda246@hetnet.nl>
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The complexity of the topic is evident from the fact that the Dictionary
of Economics and Business (Erwin Esser Nemmers, Littlefield, Adams,
Totowa, New Jersey, 3rd Ed., 1976) recognizes some 21 different forms of

bank money
cheap money
dear money
check book money
convertible (paper) money
credit money
earnest money
fiat money
fiduciary money
fractional money
hard money
soft money
inconvertible money
irredeemable money
lawful money
managed money
representative money
standard money
tight money
token money
wildcat money

My reference for this is:

We could of course add some other categories, such as counterfeit money...

In 1998, the assistant secretary of the US Treasury claimed that "Since
1969, the amount of U.S. currency in circulation has grown from
approximately $50 billion to more than $450 billion. Over the same time,
the proportion of U.S. currency held overseas has grown from one half to
two thirds. Close to $300 billion of our currency circulates outside our


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