Re: Money, mind and the ontological status of value

From: Paul C (clyder@GN.APC.ORG)
Date: Sat Jun 19 2004 - 15:51:14 EDT

Paul Zarembka wrote:

>'Production of absolute surplus value' is a theoretical concept.  The real object is the length of the working day.  So we could go through the concepts of Marxism, mode of production, production of relative surplus value, ...
>I can understand the "law of value" as a theoretical object.  But what is real object to which it is associated?  Are not Costas' comments offering a non-circular answer to this question, whether or not to agree with his particulars?  On the other hand, if I understand you correctly, you want to collapse the theoretical object and the real object onto the same phrase.
This is surely a hopeless quest Paul.

Any answer that Ian gives, by virtue of being expressed in language is
theoretical object. The real objects exist independent of our knowledge
of them
but our knowledge of them is only via the theoretical objects constructed in
scientific literature and through our perceptual systems. But one can
only refer
to real objects via sentences which are themselves distinct from the objects
that these sentences refer to.

It is often useful to translate theoretical terms like 'absolute surplus
value' into
other terms like 'length of the working day', in order that we understand
 what is meant. But the 'length of the working day' is another theoretical
object that we use to discuss an aspect of reality.

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