Re: Money and Mind

From: Ian Wright (iwright@GMAIL.COM)
Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 13:00:03 EDT

Hi Hans

> This semantic side of money is captured in Marx's word
> "Darstellen" (represent).  Money represents value for the
> practical interactions on the market (fuer den aeusserlichen
> Verkehr).  Why is such a representation needed?  Because the
> market interactions are those direct interactiions through
> which the producers relate their labors to each other as
> abstract labor.

I think your paragraph in isolation is incomplete because it misses
the causal role of money in the allocation and reallocation of social
labour time to different concrete tasks. Money is not only a means of
exchange as implied by examining its role in market exchanges only. In
addition, as Rubin says, money functions as a "transmission belt" that
organizes the otherwise independent producers. Ignore these causal
relations and I think the understanding of the semantics of money is


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