Re: (OPE-L) Marx on The Clock

From: Howard Engelskirchen (howarde@TWCNY.RR.COM)
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 23:11:08 EDT

Hi Jerry,

Glad to hear the mango theory of value came to something.  Having bought
dried mangos you have no doubt observed that they not only store value, but
they cost about as much as gold too!

On the clock, I think you miss my point, and therefore, this seems to me
quite wrong:

> 2) I think it is clear that from a *historical* standpoint that Marx
> thought that the clock was the instrument with which the "labour
> time necessary" for the production of commodities  and value
> could be measured.   From the standpoint of theory, I think this is
> problematic since the clock measures "real time" not "socially
> necessary labor time."

On the contrary, one of Marx's  really remarkable achievements was to work
out a theory of reference that allowed for reference to the passage of time
but that did not depend on the hands of a clock.  What I've tried to get at
in my questions is that a clock also just makes use of a process to refer to
the passage of time.  Other forms of reference are possible.  We've already
got commodity fetish.  We don't need clock fetish too.

On the other hand, I agree with you, and with Marx, on the importance of the
clock to the spread of commodity production.


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