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Keep spreading this!!

attached mail follows:

Dear Fellow Marxist Theory participants,

I just received this post at 2:30 Eastern Standard time.  Please call in your protest to the person in charge of the cops brutalizing anti-FTAA demonstrators as soon as possible.  And please pass the word.  Massive phone calling will wake them up that the world is watching.

In solidarity,

Bob Stone

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>Saturday, Nov. 22 - 10:50 a.m. PST
>Dear Sisters and Brothers:
>I received a few moments an emergency call from Robert Irminger, a
>delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO) who has been in
>Miami over the past week at the anti-FTAA demonstrations.
>Brother Irminger called from outside the Miami-Dade County Jail,
>where dozens of young protesters are being brutalized by the police
>and prison guards. This is the basic information provided by Brother
>Irminger, on the basis of reports from activists just released after
>posting bond and from some of the legal observers:
>- There were approximately 250 people arrested on Thursday and Friday
>at the various anti-FTAA actions. All misdemeanor arrests were taken
>to the "PGK" jail (7000 NW 41st St.), while all felony arrests were
>taken to the Miami-Dade County Jail (1320 NW 13th St.)
>-Among those arrested was a young African American man, who was
>pepper-sprayed directly in the eyes and not allowed to wash out his
>eyes at any time.
>- A young Hispanic man was clubbed so badly by police batons he
>cannot raise his arms or feel any sensation in his fingers.
>- The people arrested were all stripped of their clothes and blasted
>with pressure hoses every two hours.
>- A young woman who was arrested was forced to perform fellatio on a
>police officer in the fail.
>These are just some of the horror stories that are beginning to
>emerge from the Miami jails. No, this is not Baghdad under Saddam
>Hussein. It is the USofA under George Bush andJohn Ashcroft.
>The arrested activists and their legal team are urging all supporters
>of democratic and labor rights to protest this unconscionable police
>brutality by the Miami authorities and to demand that all the charges
>be dropped.
>Please contact the following two people with this protest message and
>this demand:
>Mr. Alex Penelas
>Miami-Dade County
>Office: 305-375-5071
>Mr. Manuel Diaz
>Office: 305-250-5300
>That is all the information available at this moment. People can call
>Brother Irminger directly to his cell phone no., which is :
>Also, information on this police brutality should be posted shortly
>to the indymedia website.
>Thanks for acting promptly in defense of our most basic democratic rights,
>In Solidarity,
>Alan Benjamin
>OPEIU Local 3 delegate
>to SF Labor Council
>ILC Support Committee/USA

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