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From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 11:03:19 EST

I went.  I heard there were about 600-700 (somewhat less than three years

In general, the plenary sessions in my opinion were less useful than last
time (e.g., Hardt of *Empire* fame didn't seem very knowledgeable about
Marxism and made no reference to class that I heard; Wolff called for
"revolution" but with no details).  Little time for audience reactions was
available as the "stars" ran the clock (the chairs so permitting for the
plenaries I got to); remember when interactions with audiences were
mandatory and "stars" were not stars?  (The full elipse of the moon,
however, occurred precisely during one of these plenaries and the sky was
crystal clear from an auditorium with huge windows.)

But there were 20+ concurrent sessions at 6 different time schedules with
3-4 presentators each, making some 350 presentations (some persons
doubled).  So, one could always find a session or several of interest and I
wasn't disappointed in this regard.   Indeed, I could only be there Friday
and Saturday, but went to four excellent sessions.

My own paper was "Marx Produced a Concept of Value, Distinct from
Ricardo's, but Left Unresolved a Theoretical Hurdle" in a session on value
theory.  It can be accessed on-line at

As always, comments welcome, particularly since I'm still working on the

I'll add that the David Gordon and Glen Gordon (not related) building at
UMass Amherst is now open and its a very fine building.  A few sessions
were held there.


RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY,  Paul Zarembka, editor, Elsevier Science

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> Rethinking Marxism's 5th International Gala Conference
> 6-9 NOVEMBER 2003
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Who on the list went to this conference?  How many people
> attended?  Any important news or exciting developments?
> Did you present  a paper?  If so, what was the topic and are
> copies available?
> In solidarity, Jerry

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