(OPE-L) Re: Dynamic value and natural price

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 19:47:30 EST

Phil wrote:

> To measure the natural price markup we use wage data.  We
> use real wages -- the average hourly wage is equal to 1. Then we
> recalculate each firm's wage bill using not the actual wage paid to
> each worker, but the economy-wide average wage paid for each type of
> skill.  Since these economy-wide averages will be statistically
> independent, the recalculated real wage bill will be immunized
> against market noise.  The greater the number of different skills
> used by the firm the better this works. <snip>
> It does need a breakdown into different skill groups, as finely as
> possible.  Also it would be desirable to break down the firm's
> wage bill into parts corresponding to joint products and then break
> those down into skill groups. This would pitch things
> at the level of the valorization process for each joint product.

Wouldn't  the wage bill have to be divided into wages for two distinct
groups --  wages for productive workers and wages for unproductive
workers?  If one is trying to determine the 'R-potential for value-creating
labor activity', isn't that a necessary  step -- even if it is an additional

In solidarity, Jerry

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