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>Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 22:44:15 -0400 (EDT)
>September 14, 2001
>The Bill Comes Due
>By Gerald Horne <gchorne@email.unc.edu>
>Some economists have argued that what has made the fabled
>U.S. economy what it is today is easy credit: buy now, pay
>In light of the tragic and horrendous events of 11
>September, it is also possible to say that this kind of
>philosophy also sheds light on this terrible tragedy.
>For amidst the hour piled upon hour of bloviating and
>commentary on radio and t.v., one stubborn fact has gone
>unnoticed: those who are being accused of perpetrating this
>crime, e.g. the Saudi, Osama bin Laden, were not only among
>the closest allies of the U.S., but -- as well -- were
>essential to the prior historical epoch, the Cold War, that
>the events of 9-11 are destined to replace.
>These "allies" were relied on heavily but that reliance has
>come with a price and the time may be nigh to pay. The famed
>actor and director, Orson Welles, put it best when seeking
>to explain why organized crime plays such a large role in
>the entertainment industry (yet another subject that has
>evaded the attention of so many of our contemporary
>analysts): "A group of [moguls] finance a group of gangsters
>to break trade unionism, to check the threat of Socialism,
>the 'menace' of Communism or the possibility of
>democracy.....When the gangsters succeed at what they are
>paid to do, they turn on the men who paid them....[The]
>puppet masters find their creatures taking on a terrible
>life of their own."
>For during the 1980s the U.S. participated in the largest
>'covert' operation of its history -- perhaps of all time --
>the destabilization of the left-led regime in Afghanistan, a
>regime bolstered by the then USSR. As Dan Rather is beamed
>into living rooms nationally, pontificating about the
>horrors of these bombings, I wonder if he recalls when he
>was smuggled into Afghanistan to broadcast hyperbolically
>favorable stories about the same "freedom fighters" who now
>-- miraculously -- have become "terrorists"?
>As he sheds a tear about the thousands of lives lost in the
>U.S., I wonder if Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National
>Security Advisor under Jimmy Carter and a major architect of
>the Afghan 'covert' action, recalls his being photographed
>infamously with these 'freedom fighters' with an assault
>weapon in his grubby paws aimed at Kabul?
>As is well known, the U.S. helped to recruit tens of
>thousands to flock to Afghanistan, particularly recruits
>from the Islamic world. Hundreds of millions of dollars were
>poured into this effort and it is from this seething
>cauldron of conflict that bin Laden arose, not to mention
>those who are now destabilzing Algeria and wreaking havoc in
>an arc of instability that stretches from North Africa to
>the South Pacific.
>Sadly, one can count on one hand -- perhaps one finger --
>those (particularly among African-Americans) who uttered a
>word of opposition to the Afghan 'covert' action as it
>unfolded, though those tax dollars would have been better
>spent on hunger and homelessness. Most were cowed by the
>reigning anticommunism which mandated avid support or
>muteness in the face of anything that was deemed
>Fundamentally, the U.S. helped to stoke right-wing
>nationalism -- including what is called 'Islamic
>fundamentalism' and 'Christian militias' -- to undermine not
>only left-led regimes but even bourgeois democratic
>governments. Recall the pivotal 1980 election that
>catapulted Ronald Reagan into the White House. Recall what
>former Columbia University Professor, Gary Sick, referred to
>as the "October Surprise," i.e. the newly installed
>Islamicist regime in Iran supposedly agreed with the GOP
>aspirant to delay the release of U.S. hostages in their
>country, so as to undermine the candidacy for re-election of
>then President Jimmy Carter. Then the hostages were released
>as Reagan took his oath of office in January 1981, which
>helped to propel the belief that the Iranians were
>frightened of retribution from Reagan and this fear prompted
>this release; this misbelief was expanded to include the
>notion that militants internationally were now afraid of the
>big, bad U.S. now that the GOP right had come to office.
>This stoked even more chauvinism on these shores.
>Then the Reagan Administration and the militant right-wing
>clerics in Teheran collaborated to eviscerate jointly the
>left-wing Tudeh Party opposition in Teheran, not least
>because they were seen as being close to Moscow.
>Those who doubt the collaboration between right-wing
>nationalism and the U.S. should re-examine the now forgotten
>'Iran-Contra' scandal, an elaborate scheme that involved the
>U.S. simultaneously sending millions to Iran, while passing
>on tens of millions of dollars in arms to the hated
>"contras" in Nicaragua in an attempt to destroy the
>Sandinista government.
>Hence, if George W. Bush carries through with his stated
>desire to wage war on those who helped to boost his party
>into power, he will find shortly he will have to reconfigure
>the GOP -- not to mention some of his erstwhile allies. The
>pundits are correct that added pressure will be placed on
>Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the seedbed of right-wing
>nationalism in the Islamic world, but this can only serve to
>assist those who Washington has pledged to strangle --
>leftist opposition forces in these unstable nations.
>Israel may receive a short term boost from these events as
>more understanding may be shown in Washington for its
>struggle against Palestinians. But in the long run many in
>the US will come to recognize that Israel's flouting of U.N.
>Resolutions concerning Palestine is no more than a breeding
>ground for frustration and anger -- and recruits into the
>armies of militant right-wing nationalism.
>China, which worked hand in glove with the US in
>Afghanistan, Southern Africa and other hotspots, is trapped
>in a contradiction of its own making. So-called 'Islamic
>fundamentalism' has found something of a welcome in restive
>Western China, which has been targeted by Beijing for
>massive new investment and development; of course, this
>'fundamentalism' was nurtured by China's anti-Soviet
>maneurvers in Afghanistan. Now China is tempted to continue
>its relations with the medievalist Taliban in Kabul --
>supposedly a new development deal was just inked with this
>odious regime -- if only to keep Washington focused on
>anything besides China itself.
>The U.S. ruling elite to this very day is continuing its
>disastrous romance with right-wing nationalism. In the
>southeastern nation of Malaysia -- one of the Cuba's closest
>friends and a prime granter of development aid in Southern
>Africa -- Washington is now covertly backing the so-called
>'Islamic Fundamentalist' forces of PAS against the
>progressive nationalism of Prime Minister Mahatir Mohammed.
>In Central Asia, Washington's policy of detaching Tajikistan
>and Uzbekistan from the orbit of Russia -- a policy that is
>a holdover from the Cold War -- again only serves to assist
>the forces of right-wing nationalism the US is allegedly now
>at war with.
>Criticism should also be accompanied by self-criticism and
>there's plenty to go around, particularly among
>African-Americans where we have our own militant right-wing
>nationalist forces, as the event of mid-October 1995
>exemplified. Interestingly, these forces only began to
>flower in the mid-1950s, coincidentally when progressive
>figures like W.E.B. Du Bois, Shirley Graham Du Bois and Paul
>Robeson were coming under fierce attack in a global pattern
>that mimics what has occurred in Afghanistan, Nicaragua,
>Iran and elsewhere. As we bask in the justifiable after-glow
>of our historic participation in the Durban anti-racism
>conference, we should ask ourselves why our participation in
>the prior two U.N. sponsored anti-racism conferences was so
>sparse, though the question of apartheid and hatred of
>Africans was much more at center-stage then than at this
>year's gathering.
>That issue set aside, it is clear that Black support for the
>Democratic Party should also be reassessed, as this party --
>according to the 14 September NEW YORK TIMES -- is about to
>take a dive and back the White House's unworkable 'National
>Missile Defense' scheme to the tune of billions of dollars,
>though the assault of the World Trade Center shows this
>scheme is not only lacking in feasibility but is also not
>practical. Many Blacks and many in labor too back the
>Democrats on the grounds that they are blocking the rise of
>the right; but as the Democrats vote in Congress to give
>Bush a virtual blank check to fight an ill-defined
>'terrorism' globally, it is apparent that the Democrats do
>not block the rise of the right -- they meekly enable it.
>The events of 11 September involved some of the most
>significant bloodletting on these shores since the battle of
>Antietam during the Civil War. Then, the question was
>whether this nation could exist "half-slave" and "half
>free". The U.S. has encouraged fascist like practices
>globally (recall that 11 September also marks the
>anniversary of the US sponsored overthrow of the socialist
>Allende regime in Chile and its replacement by the fascist
>Pinochet), while seeking to maintain bourgeois democracy at
>home -- with an unhealthy dose of quasi-fascist practices
>directed at "minorities". It is now clear that this approach
>may no longer be tenable: the pundits are correct, the page
>of history has turned but not necessarily in the way they
>describe. The crackdown on civil liberties augured by the
>events of 11 September not only show once again how militant
>right-wing nationalism continues to replicate itself like an
>out-of-control computer virus but, also, the old practice
>with which some had become so comfortable -- bourgeois
>democracy at home coupled with quasi-fascist practices
>against 'minorities' and outright fascism abroad -- may now
>be untenable.
>In the meantime a key task of progressives is to frontally
>assault the rising tidal wave of persecution against
>Arab-Americans: this has become an important frontline in
>the struggle against this latest iteration of a "New World
>Order". This targeting of Muslims and Arab-Americans has
>grave implications for all those concerned with 'racial
>profiling.' Yet, no progress will be made on any front until
>we recognize the symbiotic relationship that has existed to
>this point between militant right-wing nationalism globally
>and the GOP. Whether this tragedy of 11 September was
>perpetrated by the 'venture capitalist' of right-wing Islam,
>bin Laden or 'Christian militias' or even the Israelis (a
>recent charge by the Iranian clerics), it all stems from the
>same source: U.S. nurturing right-wing nationalism, at home
>and abroad.
>The bill has come due, the times of easy credit are drying
>up, it is time to pay.
>Copyright (c) 2001 Gerald Horne. All Rights Reserved.
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