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From: Chai-on Lee (conlee@chonnam.ac.kr)
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 12:18:00 EDT

dear pual and others,

Since after my last post, I could not have posted any further responce, for which I appologize. I have been away from my computer for a couple of days. I had to trip with my senior friend who visited me from US. He is a korean and has lived in US for 25 years. He said, "If the attack had been plotted by the US ruling elite, the US would no longer exist. So, the conspiracy stoey is utterly inimaginable."  The Korean preacher who first informed me of the CNN story also had the only source of the website I quoted last time. 
Nevertheless, however, I myself am hardly persuaded unless the follwoing questions are resolved.
(1) Any capitalist state tends to be a fascist state when the ruling elite is faced with a serious polkitical and economic crisis. The Banks and businesses in near-bankrupcy should be saved only with public finance and so needs a public consent. This is a pure theory but can be applied to the reality.
(2) How can the democratic US be a fascist state? How can the US economy survive this situation without becoming the fascist state?
(3) The US ruling elite had actually used various deceptive tactics in the 3rd world countries. They can use the exactly the same tactic towards the US citizens if they are placed in a terrible crisis.
This year has placed them in the question of dead or alive. How about the John F. Kennedy's assination? And his brothers' assinations?
(4) The recent attack on the WTC is only to terrify the US citizens but nothing-else. The fear is still more heightened by the US media and the US administration themselves afterwards. What is due to be gained with this terrified fear? Who will be the most benefited?
(5) What can they earn from the attack if it was done by the Arab? Did they do the terrors for nothing? Can we conveniently ascribe the motive of an act, if we cannot understand it, to the insanity of the actors? The attack must be a social problem, cannot be a mental problem.  



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