[OPE-L:5959] RE: war

From: Chai-on Lee (conlee@chonnam.ac.kr)
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 10:24:44 EDT

Dear all,

Why do you have no hesitation in saying the Laden's Arabs were the perpetrators? Has the US government ever shown to the press any solid evidence for such an accusation? 
Would it not be possible the fanatical eschatologists in the US might have also performed such grand things? As far as the Arab terrorists are concerned, they have made their open demands and explicitly revealed their responsibilities.

Lots of youths (especially in the age of 30s) in South Korea suspect the Bushmen themselves might have plotted such terrors to exploit the present situation for their own political advantages. They now enjoy this situation in various ways. Wiretappings and assasinations already legalized in foreign countries as well as in the US on account of possible domestic terrorists will guarantee their political victories in future elections. Lots of public money are poured into the stock market comforting the middle class. The US becomes more and more fascistized this way.  With no exception, capitalism cannot help but end in a fascism in crises. But, I still cannot accept this conspiracy theory only for a single reason; how can such suicidal volunteers as are ready to sacrifice their own lives be recruited in US? In the case of South Korea, of course, such recruitments are ever possible. We have already experienced such things many times. The terrorists have been trained by the regim!
e itself to kill their own innocent people and opposition leaders so as to tighten the military regime arguing that the perpetrators are from the communist North korea with lots of forged evidences. Long after the terrors, the polts are disclosed to have been forged in the press. At least one of them was plotted by the US military itself stationed in Korea about 50 years ago, which was recently revealed in the newspaper just two weeks ago. This historical experience easily teaches us this time to suspect the Bush regime. 

The attitude of the US media over the WTC tragedy was also suspectable. It was far from fairness and openness as well. They suddenly gave a 100% credit to an unknown Parkistani newspaper quoting its report on the possible Laden's activity at the very initial stage of such news reports. 
Why not investigate the possible internal accomplices who must have helped the terrorists in the meantime? How can such synchronized multiple terrors be performed without internal helps?

Would it not be possible to operate the air-course by a remote controller while halting the manual functioning of the aircraft. Would they not recruit the suicidal volunteers even within the Arabs?

I remain to suspect.


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