[OPE-L:5956] excerpt from musharraf's speech

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@stanford.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 02:13:48 EDT

                    We in Pakistan are facing a very critical situation. 
Perhaps as critical as the events in 1971. If we make wrong decisions 

                    I have discussed all this with my corps commanders, 
politicians and prominent Pakistanis. Tomorrow I am meeting the
tribal chiefs. I have to say that opinions are divided, but the vast majority 
supports us. I would say that about 15% aretending towards emotional reactions. 

                    Lets look at our neighbors. They have promised US all 
cooperation. They want to isolate us, get us declared a terroris state. 

                    They have met in Dushanbe with some other countries and 
plan to try and install anti Pakistani government in Afghanistan. So our 
neighbor is busy trying to harm us. If you see their television they are busy 
with propagandaagainst us. 

                    I want to tell them to ‘lay off’. Our forces are on full 
alert and ready for a do or die mission. 

                    In this situation if we make the wrong decisions it can be 
very bad for us. Our critical concerns are our sovereignty,second our economy, 
third our strategic assets (nuclear and missiles), and forth our Kashmir cause. 
All four will beharmed if we make the wrong decision. When we make these 
decisions they must be according to Islam. 
Its not a question of bravery or cowardice. But bravery without thinking is 
stupidity. Allah has said that he who has‘hikmat’ has a huge blessing. We have 
to save our interests. Pakistan comes first, everything else is secondary.         


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