[OPE-L:5936] Re: the wages of war

From: Gerald_A_Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@email.msn.com)
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 17:13:05 EDT

Brief comments:

1) Re Michael P's [5926]:
     "We" are not part of the US ruling class. We,
      as workers and as  Marxists,  should therefore
      not  identify ourselves with the US state
      or its policies.

2) Re Alfredo's question on "crusades":
      It was intended, I believe, for internal
     consumption. One has to  remember that  much
    of Bush's support comes from the 'Christian
     right'.     Moreover, an explicitly  Christian
     message resonates well in a country
     that is overwhelmingly composed of people
     who identify themselves as Christians.

3) Re Patrick's response to Paul B on Mandela:
     Patrick: did you note that Paul put the word
     'terrorist'  in  quote ['...'] marks?
     Is it just possible that you misinterpreted
     his message?

4) On the following from Patrick's [5931]:

> The public works injection associated with
> rebuilding New York and
> expanding the military will increase the size of
> the GDP.

    It could increase employment, especially in the construction trades in
NYC and with defense contractors. Other sectors, including the airlines
and tourism, can be expected to suffer, particularly
in the short-term. Will this necessarily increase US
GDP?  Well, it will almost certainly increase
state debt and could quite likely lead to increased
taxation.  The latter could lower  disposable income, lead to decreased
rates of consumption (and possibly investment), and  lower GDP.  Moreover,
in the short- to medium-term an exacerbated recession is a  likely
consequence of
the WTC attacks.

In solidarity, Jerry

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