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From: Patrick L. Mason (pmason@garnet.acns.fsu.edu)
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 13:13:44 EDT

This discussion is bizarre. Mandela, a terrorist!!! Pure garbage.

To conflate terrorism with a legitimate freedom fighter is mind boggling. 
Everyone on the face of the earth who cared to know, knew the purpose of 
the ANC's struggle. On the other hand, no one knows (for certain, at the 
moment) who was behind last week's insanity or what possible goal the 
perpetrators were trying to achieve.

People who target buildings with day-care centers are simply evil. The WTC 
included people of every religion, political ideology, economic class, skin 
color, sexual preference, etc. among human beings. The only definable 
target was human life.

Blowing up the world trade center (through the suicidal hijacking and 
destruction of planes that also contained a vast variety of people) is an 
extraordinarily vicious, utterly futile, and stupidly meaningless act. 
America has an $8.5 to $9.0 trillion GDP. This senseless act will have zero 
longrun economic impact. Politically, it will only make it more difficult 
to create a more humane world. This horrific event eliminated all 
discussion of the World Conference Against Racism from the print and 

The public works injection associated with rebuilding New York and 
expanding the military will increase the size of the GDP. The American 
military-industrial complex will only be made stronger. Neither the 
Palestinians nor any Arab/Islamic political group fighting for a more 
democratic government or any form of economic justice will be helped by 
this act.

To equate Mandela and the African National Congress with the 
nation/organization/individuals that carried out the actions of the past 
week is deeply insulting to anyone who thinks that morality, ethics, 
values, and the preciousness of life, especially human life, are something 
more than "contemptible bourgeois concepts." The ANC had as its policy that 
only economic infrastructure and military targets were legitimate targets.

Only degenerate, hedonistic, psychopaths murder thousands of people for the 
sheer joy of killing.

Maybe, I don't understand the mentality of some on "the left" anymore. 
Maybe, I never did. Many leftist wish to save whales, protect rain forests, 
stop the senseless of baby seals, and (some) encourage humans to quit 
eating meat. Okay, that's all good.

I'm all for saving whales, rain forests, and old growth forests and spotted 
owls. But, I also think human life is worthy of salvation. I'm totally 
against the senseless murder of animals. I live in a wooded area with 
rattlesnakes, mocassins, copperheads, and coral snakes. I'm even against 
killing these deadly snakes.

I have no idea who carried out this horrific action, but common decency 
would suggest that the perpetrators have nothing in common with the ANC or 
British teenagers training to fight off a Nazi invasion.

patrick l mason

At 04:48 PM 9/17/01 +0100, you wrote:
>During the WW2  British boy scouts, from the age of 11 to 16 were taught how
>to sabotage an expected German invasion force, in ways which were almost
>certainly 'suicidal'... ... no doubt we might have regarded this as
>terrorism if we were with the Wehrmacht.
>Your question is  strikingly naive, if you will excuse me saying so.
>Mandela, Makarios, and many other post colonial leaders were well
>established 'terrorist' leaders.
>What are the 'objective' or material causes of these acts? that is the
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