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From: nicola taylor (n.taylor@student.murdoch.edu.au)
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 22:48:13 EDT

I agree, Fred.  

In America you might look up Richard Falk (professor of international
relations at Princeton), a leading dissenter on American foreign policy and
the media 'connection'.

Geoff Simons, 'The Scourging of Iraq: Sanctions, law and natural justice'
Macmillan (sorry, I forget the date)

Recent documentaries:
John Pilger: 'Paying the Price:killing the children of Iraq" - it caused a
big stir when it went to air in Britain recently - public response was
overwhelming.  Check out Pilger's own commentary on the debate:


In fact, for some of the most brilliant news/war reporting 'from the other
side' that you are ever likely to read, search Pilger's own website: 

John Pilger: http://pilger.carlton.com/

His lead article on this site is, in fact, on the attack on New York (dated
13 Sept), otherwise he publishes mostly in the Guardian and Spectator and
has made many documentaries (the latest on globalisation).  

More of Pilger's articles on media power and 'third world conflicts' are in
an Australian archive:


see especially, the new Statesman article (1998) on the bombing of the
American embassy in Kenya:

and the western news media: http://www.users.bigpond.com/nlevine/media.html

I hope that helps, for starters

At 07:56  15/09/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Comrades, it looks to me like we have some long, hard anti-war work ahead
>of us.  
>Does anyone know of good books, web sites, etc. on the history of the
>Arab-Isreali conflict, especially the dispossession of the Palestinians?

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