[OPE-L:5904] Re: time for a change?

From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@waitrose.com)
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 09:39:05 EDT

Seems to me Jerry you have ben doing a good job and shuold continue.
However all systems need redundancy and a co-cordinator should be recruited.
Chris A
>    Since OPE-L's inception, I have been the list  "Coordinator" and
>"owner".   Having one person as the co-coordinator has had its advantages
>and  disadvantages for the list. One disadvantage is  that when I go away
>or have computer access problems,   tasks go waiting.  I have never felt
>strongly  one way  or the other about whether there should be more  than 1
>list co-coordinator, although, I have repeatedly emphasized that OPE-L is
>(and should remain)  a *collaborative* project in which all members have
>some level of responsibility and decision-making for  list activities.  
>What do others think?  Would the list be  better served by a small group
>of co-coordinators (2-3  people) rather than 1?   Some  responsibilities
>include: checking error  messages, changing members' subscribed addresses
>when necessary, forwarding 'rejected' messages to  the list, making
>relevant announcements,  attempting to stimulate discussion, answering
>inquiries from non-members,  and having off-list  discussions with members
>about candidates recommended for membership. Tact, diplomacy, and a sense
>of humor are all desirable skills (of which I sometimes am in short supply
>of.)   Or, we can go on the way things are. Any  thoughts on-or off-list
>would be appreciated. I've been  thinking about raising the above issue
>for some time  (especially since August, 1997 when I first  experienced
>severe health problems). I should  also note, in passing, that we have
>gone on for a  much longer period of time than any of the founding
>members, including myself, originally envisioned and consequently my
>service as "Coordinator"  has gone on much longer than I originally
>envisioned. I am willing to continue in that capacity, but  I'm not sure
>if that best serves the list.   In solidarity, Jerry

17 Bristol Road, Brighton, BN2 1AP, England

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