Linux-Mandrake SGML/DSSSL modifications

In the course of developing documentation for their Linux distribution, Linux-Mandrake have come up with some suggestions for modifying the DocBook DSSSL stylesheets so as to solve certain problems with the TeX back-end. You can find their suggestions at

The document explaining the Linux-Mandrake modifications is a report written by Pascal Lo Re, in French. I offer here a rough-and-ready English translation of this text, in PDF format (pascal.pdf) or as LaTeX source (pascal.tex).

I should say that I think there are a few problems with some of the suggestions. In particular, in relation to section 1.1, it is not necessary to specify that hyphenation (or justification) be used in jadetex.cfg: these matters can be (and are better) specified in the DSSSL stylesheet.

Allin Cottrell
Wake Forest University
November 2001.