is a GTK frontend for the ``starchart'' program (Alan Paeth and Craig Counterman). Starchart produces high-quality postscript star charts; gstar makes it easy to choose the chart area and features.

This is my first attempt at writing a GTK application, and so probably has many bugs, but it works for me :^)

You can download the source package, gstar.tgz (373k). This package contains the starchart sources and datafiles so it's self-contained. gstar is at version 0.01. It requires GTK >= 1.2.0, and also requires gv/ghostview for viewing the charts.

Stephan Boettcher was kind enough to contribute a patch after trying gstar. I have not yet had time to incorporate this into the source, but here is the patch plus Stephan's explanation.

Below is the obligatory screen shot...

gstar screenshot

Allin Cottrell (, September 1, 1999.