A spartan fvwm2 (2.2.4)

My full desktop is shown below (PNG, 60Kb). The icons on the left are an instance of FvwmGoodStuff, as hacked by me. The top thingy, below the clock, is a CDE-style led borrowed from FvwmCDE. When you launch an X app from the WM it blinks until the app's window is realized. Most of the GoodStuff buttons launch popup menus.

The other aspect of the hack is the relief of the buttons. For a clean, austere appearance I didn't want the buttons shown in relief by default. But it's nice to get visual feedback when you press one, so I've arranged that they "push in" when pressed. This is illustrated in the small PNG below.

FvwmGoodStuff with the xterms button pushed in:

The patch to fvwm2-2.2.4 that does this: fvwm-2.2.4.led.patch. And the file that controls the buttons:

# FvwmGoodStuff

*FvwmGoodStuffFore White
*FvwmGoodStuffBack SlateGray4
*FvwmGoodStuffGeometry 70x530+33+137

*FvwmGoodStuffColumns 1

# Define the buttons to use...
*FvwmGoodStuff (1x1) - light_off_pixmap.xpm led
*FvwmGoodStuff - xterm2.xpm Popup Xterms-Popup 
*FvwmGoodStuff - Clip2.xpm  Popup Editors-Popup
*FvwmGoodStuff - netscape.xpm Exec "" netstuff
*FvwmGoodStuff (1x1) - lock_pixmap.xpm  Exec "" exec xlock -nice 0 -mode blank &
*FvwmGoodStuff - OldFashionedRadio.xpm  Popup Sound-Popup
*FvwmGoodStuff - books_pixmap.xpm  Popup Manuals-Popup
*FvwmGoodStuff (1x1) - exit_pixmap.xpm  Popup "Quit-Verify" Quit-Verify
For good measure, here's a pack containing all the configuration files for fvwm2 on my system: fvwm-config.tgz.

Allin Cottrell, April 2000.