ECN 272, Fall 2010

Text files


Summary of main points from Part 1 of Cassidy's How Markets Fail: cheatsheet.pdf

Summary of growth of mortgage lending: mortgage_data.pdf

Paul Krugman's article How Did Economists Get It So Wrong? and John Cochrane's counterblast.

Brad DeLong's reflections on the crisis and its macroeconomic consequences

Group papers

Alex, Mikita and Patrick on parallels with Japan's lost decade

Greg, Lauren and Joseph on deregulation and financial innovation

Bridget, Dan and Travis on the Greenspan Fed

Sophia and Chelsey on Lehman Brothers


Short selling from Wikipedia

Alan Greenspan from Wikipedia

"Fannie and Freddie acquitted": from

Fannie and Freddie: Rajan on Krugman and Krugman's reply

Blinder and Zandi: How the Great Recession Was Brought to an End

Gretl data files

Federal Reserve flow of funds data: borrowing and debt levels (right-click and save)

Case-Shiller house-price data (right-click and save)

Some recent US macro data (right-click and save)

Gretl script files

Adding a trend: add_trend.inp