]]> ]]> ]> ;; customize the print stylesheet (define tex-backend ;; Are we using the TeX backend? #t) ;; if we're using TeX, might as well have justification... (define %default-quadding% ;; The default quadding 'justify) ;; ...and hyphenation (define %hyphenation% ;; Allow automatic hyphenation? #t) ;; By default the math will come out in Computer Modern, so I'll ;; choose that family for text too. YMMV. (define %body-font-family% "Computer Modern") (define %title-font-family% "Computer Modern") (define %mono-font-family% "Computer Modern Typewriter") &texmath.dsl; ;; end of print stylesheet customization ;; customize the html stylesheet (define ($section-separator$) (empty-sosofo)) &htmlmath.dsl; ;; end of html stylesheet customization