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Here is my little contribution to the Agenda Linux PDA project: a port of the X Window spreadsheet, xspread, to the agenda. The port is based on version 2.3 of xspread, but I've made many changes and I'm calling this version 2.4. The current "patchlevel" is 2.45 (Note: version 2.41 had an ugly memory bug).

  • binary tarballs (executable for the agenda plus icon) in two flavors: compiled for the "traditional" Agenda system (SVR4), xspread.tgz (102131 bytes; uncompressed binary is 318052 bytes); and compiled for the newer "snow" system (version 1.1.0 or 1.1.1), xspread_snow.tgz (85935 bytes; uncompressed binary is 213728 bytes).
  • source tarball with Makefile suitable for cross-compiling on ix86: xspread-2.45.tar.gz (466029 bytes, includes PDF manual)
  • New since version 2.44: xspread uses the FLTK file chooser for file Open and Save operations; graphs are now displayed sideways and full screen (as shown below)
  • New in version 2.45: export graphs to gnuplot format; conditional ranges; improvements to editing of expressions
  • revised xspread manual in PDF format xspread-2.4.pdf (about 240Kbytes)
  • a one-page "quick start" introduction to xspread 2.4, in PDF and html.

You can examine xspread in CVS here. To check out the code from CVS, use these commands:

cvs -d \ \

The password is "libesl". Then

cvs -d \ \
-r checkout xspread

I also wrote a little utility called bdftoxpm which takes a bdf font file (which can be obtained from an X font server) and writes out an X11 pixmap containing the glyphs in the font, with the option of rotating the glyphs 90 degrees clockwise in the pixmap. This is intended for producing sideways text on the agenda. Source here: bdftoxpm-1.0.tgz.

Editing a little worksheet

screen shot 1     

Actual versus fitted graph for a linear regression run with xspread

screen shot 2
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