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As Duncan says, Scott Meikle's book on Marx and Aristotle (and three or
four articles he has published on the subject) is excellent. He very
clearly explains, for instance, Aristotle's distinction between
'oikonomike' and 'kapelike', ie, use-value-aimed activity and money-aimed
activity. His account of differences between substances and properties of
things is also very useful for understanding Marx's concept of value. My
only concern is that Meikle appears to think that under, capitalist
conditions, value materialises in exchange. He seems unaware of the
problems this creates for the view that 'labour is the source of value'.


At 08:37 PM 12/28/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I've been reading a very interesting book, Aristotle's Economic Thought, by
>Scott Meikle (Clarendon Press of Oxford University Press, 1995: ISBN
>Meikle is very well-read in Marx and carefully relates Aristotle's texts to
>Marx and Marx to Aristotle. Two very interesting points he makes are that
>Aristotle is the source of the C-M-C' versus M-C-M' distinction, and that
>Marx's discussion of the dialectic between use value and exchange value is
>largely organized around Aristotle's categories and discussion.
>>From Meikle's point of view, Marx thought Aristotle had pretty much solved
>the value problem except for his inability to see that labor was the source
>of value. This takes us back to our recent discussion of the labor/value
>issues and to the ongoing discussion of the "value form" theory.
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