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Steve Keen (s.keen@uws.edu.au)
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Hello Mike,

Nice to correspond once again.

The link to Proudhon is a curious one. In my HET work on Marx I have
claimed that, though Proudhon's "dialectic" between use-value and
exchange-value was nonsense, it may have left the seed from which Marx's
far superior concept germinated, after a re-reading of Hegel, some 12 years

In that same footnote, Marx has the throw-away line: "Proudhon's nonsense,
see the `Misere'."

At 12:36 1999-12-20 -0800, you wrote:
>At 09:13 AM 12/20/1999 +1100, steve wrote:
>>Chris comments that
>>"Marx's separation of V from EV ocurred very late. There is no trace of it
>>in 1859".
>>In fact, it can be seen in 1857, in the footnote in the Grundrisse where
>>Marx first started to employ value, use-value and exchange-value in a
>>dialectical triage:
>>"Is not value to be conceived as the unity of use value and exchange value?
>>In and for itself, is value as such the general form, in opposition to use
>>value and exchange value as particular forms of it?" (footnote pp. 266-267
>>Penguin Grundrisse)
> Interesting. From this quote it sounds a bit like Proudhon's "constituted
>value" of a commodity which Marx describes in PoP as "purely and simply the
>value which is constituted by the labour time incorporated in it" (CW,vol.
>6,120) and goes on in his trashing of Proudhon relative to the "scientific"
>Ricardo to state:
>"The determination of value by labour time is, for Ricardo, the law of
>exchange value; for M. Proudhon, it is the synthesis of use value and
>exchange value." (124)
> Aside from this apparent similarity, I don't see any link; Marx goes on in
>that footnote to talk about the significance of use values whereas Proudhon
>(like so many others at the time... and after) tends to see use value as a
> in solidarity,
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