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Paul Zarembka (zarembka@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
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You have provided only TWO references from Marx for your support of
immiseration as far as I have found--A.) VPP and B.) Chapter 25 of

A.) I answered the former with a detailed email [OPE-L:1881]:

   " Is 'Value, Price and Profit' a Theory of "Increasing Misery" by

B.) Regarding Chapter 25, you wrote:

   "in Capital I the whole of section 5 of chapter 25 (68 pages in total)
is devoted to documenting a declining tendency of real wages in England
(for the period 1846-66) and Ireland (for the period 1860-65)."

and I replied in #3 of 1881, starting with a quotation from Marx in VPP:

   "3. "I propose calling your attention to the real rise of wages that
took place in Great Britain from 1849 to 1859"

and ending with:

    "If Marx had indeed documented in Capital a 'declining tendency' in
wages for the period 1846-66 we would have Marx contradicting himself from
VPP. Actually, Marx's section 5, subsection (a.) "England from 1846-1866"
has only two references to wages and both are imbedded in quotes of
others. The Irish time period is too short to bother with.}"

I believe that you had mentioned that you have OTHER citations [from
Marx?] to support your thesis of immerisation, but I haven't received

I'll put off for the time being the remainder of your reply, except to
note that Lapides is not the main issue in [OPE-L:1881] and that I have
not been addressing unemployment one way or another.

Cheers, Paul

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On 12/19/99 at 07:22 PM, Ajit Sinha <ajitsinha@lbsnaa.ernet.in> said: >I
gave you the textual references, but still you keep asking for it, so i
>don't really know what is going on here.

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