[OPE-L:1919] Steve Keen, Part II

Gerald Levy (glevy@PRATT.EDU)
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 08:14:33 -0500 (EST)

Steve Keen, a former contributor in our early period, has decided to
re-join OPE-L!

Fortunately for us, Steve will be beginning his sabattical leave shortly
-- effectively the day after tomorrow - - and so for the first time in
about four years he will actually have time (to participate on OPE-L and
do other stuff as well).

Still, he's a busy guy. He's working on two books at present: one for
Zed Books entitled "Debunking Economics", the other for Edward Elgar,
"Finance and Economic Breakdown".

The latter is his thesis, though substantially revised, and presented
using systems engineering "flowchart" tools rather than differential

Steve, a self-described Post-Keynesian, refers to the other book thusly:

"The former is, as it sounds, a scattalogical attack on neoclassical
economics--directed at an educated non-economist audience. Be warned
though, as well as dumping on neoclassicals, it has a chapter slagging
off at the labor theory of value!"

He continues:

"I would like to discuss my arguments on that issue, but in detail rather
than as asides to debates in which I am a sceptic. Any chance of
organising a seminar, sometime later next year?"

Sure, we can talk about it. If you have a paper for us to consider, we can
schedule a time.

He is:

Dr. Steve Keen
Senior Lecturer
Economics & Finance
University of Western Sydney Macarthur
Building 11 Room 30,
Goldsmith Avenue, Campbelltown PO Box 555
Campbelltown NSW 2560
s.keen@uws.edu.au 61 2 4620-3016 Fax 61 2
4626-6683 Home 02 9558-8018 Mobile 0409 716 088 Home Page:
http://bus.macarthur.uws.edu.au/steve-keen/ Workshop on Economic Dynamcs:

Steve: welcome back aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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