[OPE-L:1744] Re: Re: Re: value-form theories and the Uno-school?

Subject: [OPE-L:1744] Re: Re: Re: value-form theories and the Uno-school?
From: nicola taylor (nmtaylor@carmen.murdoch.edu.au)
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 11:55:03 EST

Response to Andy:

>Nicky, this is one key aspect of my (unfinished) PhD. It raises many
>issues. I have one paper on CR, DCR and 'new dialectics', another
>comparing Ilyenkov to CR and DCR. However, I look from a
>methodological and philosophical perspective rather than directly
>comparing the different theories of value, so they are not precisely
>germane to your question.

Andy, i would love to read your papers. I discovered Bhaskar through Hans
Ehrbar's excellent *annotations*, but i confess that i find the language of
the actual texts very dense and hard to follow (let alone extrapolate to
Marx's theory of value!). Perhaps your work on CR and dialectic will help
me out on this. Also, do you have the full reference for Patrick Murray's
review of Derek Sayer's book?

>Nicky, I am delighted that you mention Vygotsky (especially, since,
>when reading back over the latter part of my previous email, I was
>concerned that it made no sense at all!) The answer to your question
>is that I use Ilyenkov's work to articulate mind, language, matter etc. I
>think that David Bakhurst's 1991 book charts the history of twentieth
>century Russian philsophy, embracing that of Vygotsky's work and
>culminating in that of Ilyenkov (but, like a fool, I am yet to read
>Bakhurst). So there are clear links between Vygotsky and Ilyenkov.

Great! I thought we might be thinking along the same lines, but i haven't
read Ilyenkov, so could not be sure.

>Nicky I would be very interested in reading any work you have done
>on all the issues you raised in discussion.

Alas, my work on Vygotsky is only indirectly related to Marx's theory of
value. Originally, I used his ideas to critique cognitivist and
constructivist approaches to teaching with internet technologies - so the
papers deal primarily with pedagogical issues. (but if you have some
interest in that let me know).

>Many thanks,

Totally a pleasure,

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