[OPE-L:1641] Re: Re: Re: Re: technical change and real wages

Subject: [OPE-L:1641] Re: Re: Re: Re: technical change and real wages
From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@sfu.ca)
Date: Sat Nov 06 1999 - 21:19:59 EST

At 04:52 PM 11/2/1999 +0530, Ajit wrote:
>But Mike, you are assuming that money wages remain constant when the
prices of wage
>goods fall. But this assumption is what i'm questioning.


 Why cannot a technical change
>be associated with either a fall in money wages such that the real wages
>constant or a general monetary inflation, which keeps the real wages
constant at the
>given money wages?

        As I had suggested in ope-l #1628, first we should clarify the case where
productivity increases drop from the sky--- ie., there is no displacement
of workers. So, in this case, why exactly do you think money wages can not
be assumed constant when the money prices of wage goods fall?

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