[OPE-L:1620] Re: Re: Althusser and Hegel

Ajit Sinha (ajitsinha@lbsnaa.ernet.in)
Sat, 30 Oct 1999 16:46:59 +0530

C. J. Arthur wrote:

> Re: Althusser & Hegel.
> Those debating on this thread appear not to know that Althusser did indeed
> make a serious study of Hegel, writing a dissertation on him that was
> published not too long ago by Verso. There are several astonishing things
> about this. First it is an excellent book on Hegel, especially considering
> its early date. Second how come after making such a serious study he was so
> crudely dismissive of hegel later. Third - throughout this work Althusser
> wrote explicitly as a humanist Marxist. Thus the later anti-huanism is a
> self-criticism.
> Comradely Chris Arthur


Chris, I have not seen Althusser's book on Hegel. Can you give me
the details. Of
course, i knew that Althusser was knowledgeable about Hegel. And
he did not dismiss
Hegel completely. He gave Hegel credit for Marx's central idea of
'history without
a subject'. Cheers, ajit sinha

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