[OPE-L:1608] Re: my 1993 S&S article

Thu, 28 Oct 1999 13:42:55

Because of the continuous attacks on Kenneth Lapides I will merely
reaffirm that his book deserves respect, and is a very important

As to a charge of "scholarly dishonesty" for failure to respond to a
criticism, Lapides did read Lebowitz's book three times before sending in
a review to S&S. When S&S chose not to publish (as is the right of S&S) I
would not expect Lapides to work up another reply to an S&S article. In
any case, non-response does not "scholarly dishonesty" make.

Kenneth suggests that members of this list ask Mike to apologize. We have
waited long enough. I for one so ask.


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On 10/27/99 at 11:41 PM, "michael a. lebowitz" <mlebowit@sfu.ca> said:

> Given the discussion over Lapides which has occurred on the list, I am
>attaching for your information the 1993 article to which he chose not to
>reply (despite being invited to do so) and then chose to treat as
>non-existent in his book.

> in solidarity,
> mike

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