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I have been following the illuminating debate around Lapides work with

I hope I am not being over-sensitive, but do I detect an incipient, no doubt
unintentional, note of old-fashioned barren sectarianism threatening in the
remarks about the putative correlation between Hegelian-Marxists and
Stalinism? Lets just acknowledge that there are many ways of
(re-)constructing and building on the Hegelian influence on Marx. Some of
these have been explored by Stalinists and some by non-Stalinists, just as
there were 'Hegelians' as well as non 'Hegelians' amongst Stalinists. So
there is no interesting correlation.

If someone wants to argue for some kind of intellectual connection between
some Hegelian interpretations of Marx and Stalinist thought or political
practice, that is of course perfectly legitimate. But let's stick to the
ideas not the personalities.

Comradely greetings,

>From a anti-Stalinist Hegelian-Marxist (of the 'value-form' variety), who,
btw, has done a little about developing a non-economistic account of the
bourgeois state (see Reuten & Williams, 1989, and several Journal articles

Dr Michael Williams
Economics and Social Sciences
De Montfort University
Milton Keynes

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