[OPE-L:1532] Re:Lapides and Marx's wage theory

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 11:34:49 -0400 (EDT)

Re Paul Z's [OPE-L:1531]:

> Jerry, the issue is not off the table because I continued the sentence you
> cut off with an additional reaction to those who say that Capital
> "de-emphasizes" class struggle:
> "My essential point was that Capital as theory has revolutionary
> implications for the exploited class (more so than, say, the Communist
> Manifesto) and thus to disagree that Capital "de-emphasizes" class
> struggle (cf. ope-l 1515 and ope-l 1518; i.e., the position of Mike L.
> and, I believe, yourself)."
> At least twice I have commented that you share with Mike a perspective
> that Capital does "de-emphasize" class struggle. I don't mind that you
> cut off quotes--I do it also--but don't understand why you cut off this
> particular issue.

I edited the statement to show where there was agreement -- i.e. that
_Capital_ has revolutionary implications. If you are asking me whether I
believe that _Capital_ deemphasized class struggle, then I would have to
say -- in relation to the _Grundrisse_, for example -- "yes".

You might ask how these two positions relate to each other? My answer is
precisely to point out the word that you selected "implications". I.e.
an analysis *beyond* _Capital_ is implied. Thus, the analysis of
_Capital_ doesn't take into consideration the state-form, implies (from a
systematic dialectical perspective) that the subject of the state-form
will be investigated and presented later. Thus, the one-sided way in
which wage-labour is treated implies that this category will be developed

I should add, in passing, that it was not Marx's habit or style to
purposely leave part of the story untold with the idea that the reader
would guess the ending. Rather, the implications have to be drawn-out and
systematically developed. Unfortunately, Marx didn't live long enough to
do this. We're alive, though. And *if* we think that further analysis is
required, then let's get on with it.

In solidarity, Jerry

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