[OPE-L:1527] marx,missing books, etc

Thu, 21 Oct 1999 21:29:30 EDT

Dear OPE comrades,
     I have been following the Marx-Lapides-Lebowitz-Levy et al dis-
cussion to the best of my ability! I am not sure what the fuss is
about; Marx's work is clearly incomplete, whether or not there is
a missing book on wage-labor, and I am inclined to interpret Vol
I charitably, as leading up to *Value, Price and Profit,* and, for,
that matter, Mike Lebowitz! I entirely agree with those who would
focus less on "what Marx said" than on *what we should now be saying*
in the tradition laid out by Marx.
      However, insofar as certain crucial texts, by Ken Lapides and
by Mike Lebowitz, appeared in a certain journal known as *Science &
Society,* and insofar as there has been some discussion of the
availability of these articles and of sending them to all who
request them, may I make a humble suggestion? There would be no
problem if everyone on the list were a SUBSCRIBER to S&S!
      So: just do it! A one-year sub is just $27. Easiest way is
to call Guilford Publications at 1-800-365-7006, with credit card
      Think about it. S&S is the only *Marxist* journal (i.e., not
"radical," not "overdeterminationist," etc. etc.) around. Entering
volume 64. It needs the support of Marxists everywhere, and they
need it.

     Seize the time! (One of the best slogans of the 60s.)

     David Laibman, Editor, Science & Society

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