[OPE-L:1521] Re: Lapides and Marx's wage theory

Thu, 21 Oct 1999 14:47:29

You lost me, Jerry. Paul

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On 10/21/99 at 02:26 PM, Gerald Levy <glevy@PRATT.EDU> said:

>Re Paul Z's [OPE-L:1518]:
>What you say after "To the extent that this is correct", I don't follow.
>If workers are treated as bodies without subjectivities in _Capital_,
>then that suggests that a systematic dialectical presentation must strip
>workers of their character masks and go on to not only present the
>dynamic of capitalism free from workers' resistance and collective action
>(i.e. from the one-sided standpoint of capital) but to incorporate
>workers as a subject in the analysis. Thus, if your summary of the
>Italian zerowork tradition is correct, then I think it supports the
>"missing book" interpretation.

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