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michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@sfu.ca)
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 15:18:29 -0700

At 04:44 PM 10/18/1999, you wrote:
>Mike, Please show me where I said anything about any missing book, one way
>or another? I cannot find it in anything I posted regarding Lapides' book
>and this has not been an issue I have taken on. Paul

        Ugh, I really am sorry for my faulty memory on this. I lost my own files
on this as the result of problems associated with the lightning strike's
effect on my ex-laptop. I asked Jerry and his vague recollection was the
same as mine but he couldn't confirm because Pratt had done a lightning
strike on him and forced him to delete files.
        Further, the archives are incomplete here--- there clearly was an exchange
between you and Ajit between the end of August and 6 Sept but it is not
included in the archive. Unfortunately, too, the archive comes to an abrupt
halt on 8 Sept. (Does anyone know why?) The only mention I have found is
one where you note without comment Ajit's praise for Lapides on the missing
book question. (If you have copies of the entire exchange, I'd be very
interested in seeing it.)
        In any event, although I know you thought very highly of the book, I'm
very sorry for attributing to you a position that you had not advanced.
                best wishes,

>P.S. I know he could check archives, but to save time and energy I have
>forwarded your review to Lapides; his e-mail address is lapides@sedona.net .
>Paul Zarembka, supporting RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY web site
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>On 10/18/99 at 12:59 PM, "michael a. lebowitz" <mlebowit@sfu.ca> said:
>>Given Paul's and Ajit's agreement (despite other differences) that
>>Lapides had settled once and for all the question of a missing book on
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