[OPE-L:1494] Re: Lapides and Marx's wage theory

Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:44:55

Mike, Please show me where I said anything about any missing book, one way
or another? I cannot find it in anything I posted regarding Lapides' book
and this has not been an issue I have taken on. Paul

P.S. I know he could check archives, but to save time and energy I have
forwarded your review to Lapides; his e-mail address is lapides@sedona.net .

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On 10/18/99 at 12:59 PM, "michael a. lebowitz" <mlebowit@sfu.ca> said:

>Given Paul's and Ajit's agreement (despite other differences) that
>Lapides had settled once and for all the question of a missing book on

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