[OPE-L:1479] RE: your health, imperialism,etc.

makoto itoh (mktitoh@kokugakuin.ac.jp)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 19:45:02 +0900

Dear Jurriaan;

Thank you for your mail of 6 October. I am OK, and feel easy now to have
read your mail on virus. I am going to attend an international symposium on
Socialsm at Wuhan in China. Costas Lapavitsas is here for a week. All these
busy circumstances prevent me to come into the interesting discussion on
methodology between you and Chai-on.
It would take a long time to write on the issue. How and when did you come
to know the Uno's works?
Your plan to have a conference on socialsm must possibly be linked with this
issue, as well as with the more recnt topic on imperialism in OPE-L.
Lenin 's Imeprialism was clearly linked with his strategy for socialist
revolution. How can we modernize this implication? (This comment is not for

All the best,

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