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From: Andrew Brown <A.N.Brown@uel.ac.uk>
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Regarding Marx's ordering; it does seem obvious (to me, at least). In
our epoch:

To comprehend 'the state' it is (obviously) necessary to first
comprehend the circuit of capital. To see this just try
and go in the opposite direction, eg. comprehend 'tax' without first
comprehending 'value'.

Yet to comprehend the circuit of capital, it is first
necessary understand Labour in general. To see this try to articulate the
ciruit of capital without refering the prior concept of 'Labour'.

Moving in the opposite direction from 'the state' then it is
(obviously) necessary to comprehend what a state (so a 'nation') is,
in general, before going on to specify the relation between different
states (international relations). To see this, just try and specify two
different 'states' without first establishing what the term 'state' refers

Finally, try comprehending world market and crises minus any one of
the above categorical levels. No chance!

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