[OPE-L:7397] [OPE-L:928] Re: Re: Marx's concept of price of production

Ajit Sinha (sinha@cdedse.ernet.in)
30 Apr 99 15:47:11 IST (+0530)

Jerry Levy wrote:
> 2) Changes in input and output prices
> ==================================
> You insist that input prices equal output prices within a
> period ... in
> Marx's theory. This is part and parcel of your answer to 1)
> above.
> *Yet* -- (if for just a moment we set aside what Marx wrote on
> this
> topic in relationship to POP) -- will you not concede that
> input prices
> do *not* have to equal output prices within a period?
What do you mean by "input prices" and "output prices"? What is
price? How can price be defined for "within a period"? If one is
talking about changes in prices over a period of time, then what
does this changes in prices mean? If all 'prices' have doubled due
to doubling of paper money supply, does this mean changes in
prices? Cheers, ajit sinha