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Wed, 07 Apr 1999 12:28:06 +0100

At 04:49 AM 07-04-99 -0400, you wrote:
>The analysis can be separated into
>>three stages. (1) allocation of labor within a simple commodity
>>producing economy,
>If you look in the festschrift to Robert Heilbroner, ed. Ron Blackwell, you
>will find a critque by Martha Campbell that Marx ever worked at this stage
>of analysis. Just because there is no wage labor in the opening does not
>mean its existence is not presumed; the concepts have to be developed first
>to introduce it, viz. the difference between use value and exchange value.

If the concepts have to be developed to introduce it - the concept of value
in particular, then the concept of the value of labour power logically
depends upon the concept of value. Conversely the concept of value does
not logically depend upon the concept of wage labour, since if it did we
would be in a recursion without a fixed point.

Paul Cockshott