[OPE-L:7309] [OPE-L:838] Re: Re: Why kosovo?

Wed, 07 Apr 1999 12:09:50 +0100

At 01:17 AM 31-03-99 +0100, you wrote:
Looking forward (even more crudely) one might
>speculate that western capital is intervening primarily to try and make
>these societies fit for capitalist investment, as well, perhaps as to try
>to maintain their 'legitimacy'. Milosovic is an ideal hate figure for
>the bourgeoisie: an ultra-nationalist so-called communist with facist
>tendencies blotting the picture of the new world order, end of politics,
>end of history and all that Fukyam-esque stuff. Michael ""

Perhaps an older form of explanation is in order.
Imperialist need to secure access to Caspian oilfields motivating
expansion of nato to the east, nato conquest of the balkans
as prelude for its domination of Caucasian area.
Paul Cockshott