[OPE-L:7118] [OPE-L:620] Re: Re: Production relational analysis of exchange

Ian Hunt (Ian.Hunt@flinders.edu.au)
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 11:39:00 +1030

I agree with a lot of what Gil Skillman argues here. I do not think Marx's
vol. 1 argument works very well. Nor do I think that his argument from
production relations works very well either. (Much for the reasons Gil

But this does not imply, I feel, that there is nothing to the idea that
labour productivity is an important determinate of "production prices" or
"market prices". Gil is right to say that there is simple functional
relationship between values and production prices (as he says varying the
wage rate will vary prices of production but not values). It does not
follow though that labour saving is not an important(even the most
important dynamic) social co-ordination function of price competition in
market economies.

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